Its been a while……

November 1, 2012

Wow, I didn’t realise its been that long since I blogged.

With Work and Study there’s little time for anything else.

Couple of things I’ve been doing since the last post

1. Started a new job as a Security Consultant

2. Started to lean Linux, with Back-Track Linux of all things !

3. Started playing with Raspberry Pi’s. I now have 3 (XBMC media player, Lapdock and i’m building a small robot using a Gertboard)

4. Learning to Solder……

5. Studying 2 MSc Modules – Computer Security and Smart Cards, Tokens & Applications. Passed Information Security, Cryptography, Network Security & Information Crime so far.

6. Bought shares in a Brewery (Go Brewdog 🙂 )

Must try to post more regularly, if just for my own sanity…..