April 15, 2010

Just a short list of places I’ve eaten at recently.

Mimosa(Cardiff) – Review here

TAS(London) – Really good Turkish Restaurant. Makes me embarrassed I’ve ever been to a kebab takeaway !

Galileos Locanda(London) – Fair Italian, The Carpaccio was tasteless but the swordfish linguine was excellent (as was the lasagna so I’m informed)

Mezzaluna(Bath) – fantastic Italian restaurant with delicious food, very friendly management and the best olives I’ve ever tasted !

Green Park Brasserie(Bath) – Slightly posh and more of a wine bar than a restaurant. Fantastic steaks. We ate a bit early as a cool jazz quartet turned up as we were finishing our desert and we had to leave to finish our pub crawl !

Brasserie Gerard(Bath) – A bit french in its approach (slightly arrogant !) but pleasant. We had the chateaubriand which was great for a huge fillet steak although the béarnaise sauce was a bit sour.

Springs Cafe(Bath) – This is the (very good) cafe at the thermae spa. The ceasar salad was excellent but as everyone is in cotton bathrobes and slippers it can feel like being in a cult !


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