Mimosa – Cardiff Bay

April 15, 2010

My Fiance and I popped into the bay for food before the TEDx Cardiff event and ended up eating in Mimosa.

Slightly Posh but pleasant venue. We had:

The Seafood Platter (Mackerel Pate, Anchovies, Cockles & Laverbread) – Very nice but a huge portion to start, three separate ramekins overflowing with food and a couple of huge slices of toasted granary bread. Lovely though !

Welsh Black Beef Burger – A huge fist-sized lump of herbed beef and onion with bacon and cheese in a home made bun with gigantic chips. I loved the burger but not the chips as I prefer american type fries.

Chicken, Perl wen and Cranberry Burger – A huge pile of succulent chicken breasts with creamy Perl Wen cheese and plenty of jammy cranberry sauce in a home made bun. with gigantic chips. Fantasic.

Washed down with a gin & tonic, pint of SA and a bottle of Prosecco.

The bill was about £60 (including the Tip)

Would recommend (but beware the size of the portions !)


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